NARS Opaque Nail Polish in Galion

I have always adored OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark, so a statement polish in grey or black doesn’t really scare me.  That being said, I would also recommend this color for someone who hasn’t really gone to the dark side on their nails.

I love that Galion is softer than stark black, but still “stormy” evoking a cozy fall day.  I am so enthusiastic about this dreaded summer finally ending that I wore this color all last week.  At first it appeared very dark, but in the sunshine the grey really shined through. It is absolutely opaque with no shimmer. While the finish is glossy, it is a uniform color.

I hadn’t had much luck with NARS polish staying on, but the two coats, with a few touch ups, lasted from Thursday to Monday night.  It came off Tuesday when the chips became obnoxious.

Jewel tones are huge for fall, but I like that this color compliments the trend colors rather than being spot on wearing the exact trend.

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