Beauty Blender

I never really embraced using a sponge for makeup applications.  Mostly because I didn’t want those little wedge buggers taking up space on my vanity.  Plus those sharp edges don’t give a very pretty application. But then I heard about the non-disposable. beautyblender, and was smitten with its cute little pink, ergonomic shape.

Over the past years, I have mastered all sorts of foundation application techniques (fingers, brush, kabuki, etc.) so I was prepared to be underwhelmed with the finish from the beauty blender.  Cue pleasant surprise: the finish was unbelievalble smooth, natural and streak-free.

The beauty blender was invented by MUAs Rea Ann Silva and Veronica Lorenz, with the goal of achieving  a perfect blend. The shape lends itself to reaching all the nooks and crannies on your face, without creases or clumps.

I feel like the blender gives the most even coverage of all avaialble application methods.  I love the ease of cleaning – I am definitely more likely to clean this guy after every use than I am a brush.  And for those with allergies, no fear: the beauty blender is non-latex and hypoallergenic.

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