Stila Prime Pot Waterproof Eye Shadow Primer

Ever want something that can make eyeshadow stick and withstand summer heat? And, to boot, no creases? My new, little Prime Pot is just what the doctor ordered.  Right now, I am using this for a clean and neutral look that can withstand the pool and sweat.  Over the last couple of days, it is also come in handy for a more awake look (crucial while battling this obnoxious cold).  Expect a matte look that covers imperfections.  I am fair and the Tawny matches my red-undertoned complexion.  Carmel would work with deeper complexion and a more olive undertone.  Stila claims the formula “sticks” to eyeshadow and keeps it from creasing and facilitates easy blending.  It lives up to these claims.  But right now, my favorite look is the smudge pot just on its own.  The product is dry (hence the matte look), but I have no problem blending it with my finger and adjusting coverage.  It isn’t a powder, but it’s not the creamiest of creams.  Definitely a new summer staple for me.

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