Le Metier de Beaute Eye Brightening & Setting Powder

During my afternoon at the @JohnBarrettNYC salon, @JoeHubrich introduced me to this little miracle worker.  At first I thought it was a neutral eyeshadow, but this sucker is a high powered multi-tasker.  The powder also sets concealer, sets cream shadow and illuminates.  While it is originally designed for the under eye area, I use it virtually everywhere for a matte finish.  It is also my base for eyeshadow.  I generally like a dewy look in the summer (mostly to camoflage Texas heat-related perspiration!), but this is perfect to rock a matte look.  But it doesn’t look dull in the least bit. It is no secret that I adore this line and every product achieves extraordinary quality and luxury.  It is great that they developed such a nimble product with so many uses.

This is a Bergdorf Goodman exclusive and this week is Be Beautiful. The Event. Now through Sunday, June 26. Your gift with any beauty purchase of $200 or more: An exclusive cosmetic bag filled with must-haves of the season.

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