Moltobene Clay Esthe Reshtive Shampoo and Treatment

I was mildly scolded by my hair stylist when I complained about frizz and reported I was using drugstore shampoo and conditioner.  I never really bought into the salon hair treatment, and always opted to save some cash and buy at CVS.  Well, I was wrong.  Not dead wrong, but wrong.  If you are willing to spend (a little) extra dough, you will be handsomely rewarded.  I have been using the Moltobene Clay Esthe Reshtive products for a week and the difference in my hair is night and day.  I don’t even have to dry my hair and it is insanely soft – I mean insanely soft.  It have great bounce and my layers just have that skooch of a wave at the bottom.  I wear my hair in a top knot when I sleep and in the AM I have to make minimal effort.  The upgrade was incredibly worth it.

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