Laura Mercier Undercover Pot

Laura Mercier is known for creating the “flawless face” with her four-step routine.  I am definitely not one to sign up for so many steps in a makeup routine, but her refined process and products really do lend to a blemish-free and well, “flawless”, appearance.  Recently, she threw us lazy-types a bone with the introduction of the undercover pot.  This pot consolidates steps three and four into one product – use the top to conceal and then the translucent powder is conveniently stored below to set your look.  The oil-free secret camouflage, a long-time cult favorite, is creamy enough to cover blemishes but dry enough to achieve staying power.  Secret concealer has an emollient formula to cover the eye area – the creaminess keeps the product from settling into fine lines.   Then the translucent powder sets makeup – while I don’t think the powder changes the finish, I do think it keeps the makeup looking great for a longer period of time.  Trust me, it is worth all those steps. 

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