Zirh Clean and Scrub

Another report from Beau Beau for the guys out there (and girls who shop for your guys). ZIRH has been around since 1995, using the highest quality botanicals to make personal care products for men. It is comprehensive, but easy to navigate with clear-cut communication (functional names) and no frills. So while I was hunting for an AHA product for Beau Beau, this sleek packaging and high quality jumped out. He tried two of their products with exfoliation in mind: Zirh Clean and Zirh Scrub.

Zirh Clean is a clarifying cleanser that uses a triad of alpha-hydroxy acids to cut through dirt, pollution and oil. I’m a big believer in exfoliation for men. Beau Beau has seen an improvement in ingrown hairs after having glycolic acid in his regular rotation. And this gentle version can be used as often as twice a day. The citrus-smelling gel formula foams while gently exfoliating skin and removing dirt and debris. It can also double as a shave cream. Menthol leaves a very gentle cooking to brighten and invigorate skin.

Zirh Scrub is a slightly foaming cleanser with ultra-fine exfoliating beads to leave skin smooth and slough off dead skin. Aloe vera clarifies and refines. This works great on blackhead prone skin and keeps skin looking you and refreshed. While it cleans, it doesn’t leave skin tight or dry. Suggested use is twice a week, but exfoliating-addicted Beau Beau uses it more often. The smell is classic, clean and masculine. If you ladies like woodsy, masculine scents like me… you’ll be tempted to borrow this one.

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