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Winter Drugstore Hits


Happy New Year’s Eve! I’ve been trolling the drugstore aisles this holiday season have some finds to report. This round-up has goodies that will hydrate and cleanse gentle, dry winter skin without leaving it irritated or stripped.

1. Baudelaire Large Wool Sponge: I am a foam fanatic and this natural sponge gets my shower gel all in a lather. Showering just became a lot more fun.

2. Neutrogena Transparent Facial Bar Soap (also comes in fragrance-free): If Jen Aniston loves it, I had to give it a whirl. You know? She was right. The smell is irrisistable and it removes makeup and cleans skin throughly. The bar is actually perfect for my Clarisonic habit – I just rub the brush head on the bar and suds away.

3. Yes to Cucumbers Hypoallergenic Facial Towelettes: These gentle towlettes are must-haves to remove the celebratory makeup from the season. Also helpful if you are just too darn tired tipsy to wash your face.

4. CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion AM & PM: This duo is a straight-forward, no-frills way to clear, even skin. You don’t even have to think: just use AM in the morning for sun protection and moisture and PM in the evening for improved skin tone and hydrated skin.

5. J.R. Watkins Foaming Hand Soap: This natural, dye-free hand soap comes in four scents and is delightfully foamy. Not to mention, I love the vintage packaging. The formula is free of all that yucky stuff and still gets your hands clean from those pesky germs.

Yes To Carrots Hand & Elbow Cream

Since it is freezing basically everywhere in the country, I am generously sharing my dry skin solution.  My skin gets super dry when the heater comes on – I know… join the club. I used to be devoted to drugstore Lubriderm, but recently stumbled on Yes To Carrots’ Hand and Elbow Cream.  In my defense, I was in the market for a hand cream and I have always loved this brand.  But here is the real secret, I don’t just use it on my hands and elbows – it has become my everyday body lotion too!  I love the consistency, it is easy to rub in, and doesn’t leave a cloying smell.