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ADORAtherapy Good Mood Boost Mist


I had a moment walking downtown this weekend. I had a terrible summer cold and temps topped 100 here in Tulsa the first time this year. The atmosphere was silent and heavy. While I wasn’t in a terrible mood, I could feel the melancholy. Strange how that happens. When I returned home, I happened on a package from ADORAtherapy/Mood-Boosting Aromatherapy.

This mood spray, aka Clear Away!, was not only perfect to reset my mood. But it was also perfectly light and clean on a brutally hot summer day. The formula has organic sage, peppermint and lemon. I plan on stocking up for travel too – when I so often get super anxious. And a stash at the office is in order as well given how it is super subtle and works in professional environments. Good Mood Boost indeed!

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Omoroivza Queen of Hungary Mist

I’ve recognized some skin care products for sticking around for decades, but this is the first time I’ve encountered something that has passed the test for centuries. The original formula of Queen of Hungary Water was formulated for Queen Elisabeth of Hungary in the 14th century. It was the original “must have” in Europe, known all over the continent for centuries. Are you paying attention yet? Because this legend certainly had mine. And I can’t say I blame the Queen for reportedly having the original formula written in letters of gold. Yes, it is that good.

And I am no stranger to sprays or sprits. I use these products year-round: for extra moisture in the winter and a refreshing cool-down in the summer. So trust me when I say this one is special. It is part fragrance, but only in the sense that it effects your mood in the most lovely way. The Orange Blossom, Rose, and Sage Waters are uplifting, refreshing and soothing all at the same time. The updated formula contains no alcohol, allowing for tremendous skin care benefits.

The whole Omorovicza line utilizes Hungarian Thermal Water, full of minerals and trace elements that work wonders on the skin. In addition, the founders developed Omorovicza Pannon Complex that works to best deliver these beneficial ingredients. So, as your mood lifts, you are toning and hydrating the skin – probably why I have decanted this into smaller containers for the airplane.

Some of my other Omorovicza favorites include: Thermal Cleansing Balm, Gold Eye Lift and Gold Shimmer Oil.