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Wednesday On The Web

Solo Recharge on Belle Belle Beauty

I have a wonderful problem. I happen to have an amazing group of friends. A couple of them I am particularly close to. I hit the jackpot when I moved and happened upon some people I know will be in my life till the end. These people also are highly social and we all love being with each other so much. So it is hard to just say “no” and have quiet time at home. I might have overdone the social life this past weekend. I ended up totally drained and in a bit of a blue mood.

Usually am able to hibernate one night a weekend, and that is plenty to soothe this introvert’s soul. But lately just one evening hasn’t done the trick. I crave alone-ness (with the pups, of course). My favorite travels have been solo – I happily trekked off to Russia alone a couple years ago. So while I don’t want to become totally isolated, I hope to have some adventures by myself over the next couple of months. Some are travels – I am headed to Chicago in a couple days. Others might be a great book (or Netflix series) over a weekend. Anyone else crave a bout of solo time to recharge?

A couple finds from around the web:

Speaking of travel: one of the coolest YouTube collabs I have seen – Casey Neistat and Nike #MakeItCount.

10 Weird Facts About Deodorant.

I mentioned Shopbop’s sale last week, but they added tons of designer items recently. Considering another pair of these boots – so comfortable – or this coat.

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