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Mario Badescu The Icon, The Cult Favorite & The Hero’ Set at the Nordstrom Sale

Mario Badescu The Icon, The Cult Favorite & The Hero' Set at the Nordstrom Sale on Belle Belle Beauty

I know practically every blog is talking about the Nordstrom sale right now – so I will spare you a round up of favorites since so many of my fellow bloggers have curated stellar picks. Just one thing I’d like to share on the beauty front since this is the perfect time to stock up on classics.

There is something so pure and timeless about Mario Badescu. Their packaging is chic and simple at the same time. For the sale, the brand is offering the The Icon, The Cult Favorite & The Hero’ Set – a trio of absolute “must haves”. Included is:

  • Drying Lotion – the only spot treatment I use on my acne. The calamine, salicylic acid and drying formula zaps stubborn spots overnight. Dip a cotton swab into pink sediment at the bottom of the bottom (don’t shake the bottle). Apply directly on the affected spot.
  • Botanical Exfoliating Scrub – a botanical scrub ideally used a couple times a week for a deep clean. Skin is left radiant and clear.
  • Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater – a favorite summertime product, this mist is fragrant and hydrating. The slightly herbal fragrance awakens the skin without disturbing makeup. Also great for by the pool.

All the products are made in the USA. Shop Nordstrom sale here.

Mario Badescu Botanical Exfoliating Scrub

Mario Badescu Botanical Exfoliating Scrub on Belle Belle Beauty

I recently have been frustrated by clogged pores on my nose. I hate to admit to it but likely cause is falling asleep with makeup on (gasp!) and now I am paying the price. While I am tempted to reach for those oddly satistfying Bioré nose strips, I happened to have a new scrub from fan-favorite Mario Badescu to test out.

Not surprisingly, their newest lives up to Mario’s amazing reputation. This scrub works against buildup (hello, friend!) and banishes dullness. The Ecuadorian Ivory Palm seeds are fairly gentle and my skin is left calm without redness. And botanicals like Ginger, Ginkgo, Green Tea, Aloe, and Coconut are infused in the gel-like formula. I don’t detect much of a scent – a good thing in my book.

I use a couple times a week – usually three coinciding with my hair-wash days. I splash warm water to rinse and those little clogged pores are banished – until my next makeup removal misbehavior. At least next time I doze off before washing my face, I’ll know how to erase signs of my sins.

Available at mariobadescu.com.

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New From Burt’s Bees

New From Burt's Bees on Belle Belle Beauty

Burt’s Bees in not only a favorite drugstore brand but my definite pick when it comes to budget natural goodies. They hit shelves before natural was an official buzzword (over 30 years ago). And each of their products is carefully crafted from their iconic lip balm to their newest products.

The newest collection is designed to fight wrinkles with Hibiscus and Apple Rejuvenating Complex. I am dying to try the whole line, but for now I can report on the Renewal Refining Cleanser. I actually prefer this as a scrub – a creamy base has larger granules so make sure not to apply too vigorously. The ingredients work to plump and hydrate skin and after using my face is calm and incredibly soft. And I love the refreshing apple scent, especially for the coming summer!

Also new from the brand, Sheer Body Lotion is lightweight and not heavily scented. The formula contains Safflower Oil to smooth skin. I like to spray on right after the shower and let it soak in before I towel off. I can envision this being perfect on hotter (stickier!) days this summer.

Of course, my favorite launch was promptly chewed by my two (lucky they are adorable) puppies. I couldn’t find my new Squeezable Beeswax Lip Balm for a couple days. Lo and behold, it was located in Tink’s bed slightly gnawed on but a goner nonetheless. Sigh.

A version of my favorite original lip balm, Squeezable Beeswax Lip Balm uses the same beeswax and vitamin E but is slightly more nourishing. The slanted tip made it a breeze to use. And the peppermint left the best, subtle tingle.

All products available at burtsbees.com.

pr samples and affiliate links may be included in the above post

Smoothing Body Scrubs

Smoothing Body Scrubs on Belle Belle Beauty

Now in the full swing of summer pool weather, I am guessing that most of us have bemoaned somewhat uneven skin and maybe some nasty cellulite. And if you are beauty/skin care buff like me, you also know that there is no permanent at-home treatment for this nasty little feature. There is good news though. Today’s smoothing body scrubs are better than even and can promise a full day of tightened skin. Hey, it isn’t a permanent solution but I’ll take it!

Frank Coffe Scrub on Belle Belle BeautyFirst up is the much talked about Frank. Who is this Frank you ask? Someone you want to know. What sold me, being a social media junkie, was Frank’s amazing Instagram – a definite must follow. Frank is a Brooklyn-based body scrub company that uses coffee blended with other ingredients. There are three “flavors” and I elected to try the classic with sweet almond and orange (also available is coconut/grapeseed and cocoa).

Frank directs you to apply two handfuls to damp skin and allow to dry for five to ten minutes. Great in theory. What I found is this stuff is really messy. I was scared to leave my shower so basically I just stood there cold and drying, naked in my shower for as long as possible. I think I maybe made it three minutes. But that was all worth it when smooth and even skin was revealed. I was a little red but that dissappated so quickly. So I didn’t mind cleaning up the destruction of coffee grinds all over the shower.

This scrub not only targets cellulite and stretch marks but also psoriasis, varicose veins, eczema and acne. Skin is left moisturized and nourished thanks to the almond oil, vitamins and minerals. The bag is probably enough for four or five treatments. Bottom line: if you don’t mind a mess and love the smell of coffee, this is for you.

Orlane Aqua Svelte Slimming Scrub on Belle Belle Beauty

Interested in something a little neater (and more luxe)? Orlane Aqua Svelte Slimming Scrub is a clear shower gel that is specifically designed to smooth skin, fight cellulite and remove dead skin cells. The gel reacts when it is used in water, releasing exfoliating particles. Microspheres, Caffeine, Ginger essential oil and Marine Algae work in synergy to produce a triple action. There is a refreshing cool sensation and an awesome marine-like scent.

While there are no specific directions as to how to apply the scrub, warm water is crucial. I get after it with a pretty energetic scrub and massage. Then rinse away product with cold water (which can prolong the effects).

So what is your type? Are you going for the dirty buzz of Frank or do you prefer the elegant refreshment of Orlane?

I purchased Frank myself. Orlane Aqua Svelte Slimming Scrub was generously provided by Neiman Marcus as part of the Beauty Ambassador Program, but as always, opinions are my own.

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Brand Spotlight: M. Steves

Brand Spotlight: M. Steves on Belle Belle Beauty

While I love sharing new favorites from widely known brands, it is just as fun sharing products from indie lines that showcase hard work, unique perspectives and fabulous formulas. M. Steves came on my radar when I heard about the verve and drive of Mally Steves Chakola. She has developed a line of natural anti-aging and regenerating products that use pure, cold-pressed Chilean Rose Hip Seed Oil (RHSO).

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Divine Caudalie and NYC Vinexpert Celebration Event

Divine Caudalie and NYC Vinexpert Celebration Event // Belle Belle Beauty

I wasn’t sure Caudalie could impress me more after I fell hard for their Divine Oil. But they recently blew me away with a whole collection of goodies based on the Divine Oil. First up, a little recap on the body oil I continue to reach for after all these months:

Caudalie Divine Oil:

This stuff smells most like my beloved Tocca and its spray dispenser makes it easy to measure out reasonable doses. The vegetable oil blend is quite the multi-tasker, perfect for in the bath, right out of the shower, on hair or even nails. The fragrance Moroccan rose, Bulgarian rose, grapefruit, pink pepper, cedar, vanilla and white musk can also be a treat during a massage.

Caudalie Divine Scrub:

With the same lovely scent, this scrub uses natural plant oils and brown sugar for a gentle exfoliation. I get a little foaming action – which I love. Not only does it leave a little fragrance, but my skin is insanely soft thanks to the oils. Prefect prep for my Divine Oil addiction.

Caudalie Divine Legs:

And the real gem of the collection. I didn’t think anything could make me drool more than the Divine Oil, but this new cult classic was worth the effort to track down. It has been selling out like crazy. I’m already hooked as my summer glow is fading. This isn’t a self tanner but gives the perfect instant touch of sun. It isn’t terribly tinted, making it almost universal. It also acts as a great lotion. And the bronze finish is instantly slimming. This is definitely a fall must have for me.

Caudalie Vinexpert Celebration NYC // Belle Belle Beauty

And for you lucky little devils that live in New York City… You must know about a celebration at the Caudalie boutiques coming up. The festivities are in honor of the vine harvest and Caudalie’s newly reformulated Vinexpert line with Resveratrol. Enjoy instant-lift mini facials, French cheese and Grand Cru sips. There is a $25 reservation fee that can be used as store credit at the party. May I suggest something from the Divine Collection?! Details:

315 Bleecker St. (@ Grove) September 20-21 (Friday & Saturday)

1031 Lexington Ave. (@74th) September 26-27 (Thursday & Friday)

Please RSVP at www.caudalie.eventbrite.com