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Chantecaille Pure Rosewater

Those Evian spray bottles from the 1980’s remind me of my grandmother.  And while I am fond of the memories, I never understood what that spray did.  But with my 30s came, drier and more sensitive skin and have started paying attention to anything soothing and anti-aging.  I have found this line is really well suited to sensitive skin so I was happy to give this rosewater a shot.  A bonus: rosewater has been proven to improve skin clarity (nothing worse than an adult pimple). I am not sure how I feel about the pedigree of the roses – wouldn’t regular roses do? The formula uses the purest petals from roses in the hills of Grasse, France during the month of May.  I think the pretty packaging adds to the hefty price tag.  But this spray really is refreshing.  It instantly relieves angry skin and for adult acne, anything is worth a shot. ($56)