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RevitaLash ‘Spotlight’ Highlighting Pencil and ‘Raven 12 Hour’ Eyeliner

RevitaLash is a line that was on my radar, but only as a treatment for fuller lashes. So imagine my surprise when I found out they make my newest, favorite highlighter. This genius “pencil”, which is really more like a crayon, is perfect to swipe and blend. You can use it below your brows, on your cheeks or even right on the cupid’s bow of your lips. I’ve found the ‘Spotlight’ Highlighting Pencil is surprising versatile across all skin tones, but it does have a slight pinkish undertone. The shade corrects dark pigmentation. But has a balanced shimmer keeping it sophisticated and subtle.

RevitaLash also makes a great eyeliner: ‘Raven 12 Hour’ Eyeliner. I’m impressed with its staying power. The consistency is creamy, but at the same time precise. Both of these products are available at Nordstrom and are the perfect treat to pick up during their annual Anniversary sale that begins tomorrow!