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You won’t find me without Lip Balm and now you won’t find me without: THE BALM. I admit, I have every variation:

  • Pyrenees Lavender With Cardamom
  • Italian Red Mandarin With Rose
  • Egyptian Fennel With Grapefruit & Sweet Orange

They sound exotic (and a bit frightening) but the scent is tame.  I love that each scent comes with a description of its qualities:

  • Pyrenees Lavender With Cardamom: healing, calming, antioxidant, reviving
  • Italian Red Mandarin With Rose: soothing, vitamin-rich, hydrating and protecting
  • Egyptian Fennel With Grapefruit & Sweet Orange: antioxidant, euphoric, soothing, vitamin-rich

I keep the Egyptian by my desk, the Italian in my kitchen and Pyrenees by my bed.  It, honestly, does not have a waxy texture, but does feature bees-wax.  I can attest to the absorption of the ingredients, as my lips have improved in dryness. And such a bonus it is organic.