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NARS Limited Edition Orgasm Blush

NARS Limited Edition Orgasm Blush on Belle Belle Beauty

Many of you makeup buffs will know this iconic blush. I certainly was aware of its stellar reputation, but it wasn’t part of my routine for years. Until this summer…. when I got my hands on the biggest Orgasm yet (Original Orgasm Blush: 1.92 oz, NARS Special Edition Orgasm Blush: 3.04 oz). I have no idea why I had discounted this color for so long! I love the universally flattering shade in a creamy powder. It adds the perfect summer flush. 😉 So thrilled I have a large stockpile. Don’t hesitate picking up this special edition while you can! Available at NARSCosmetics.com.

(Note: the image isn’t emblazoned onto the powder, but the chic woman is actually an overlay that is removed when using for the first time)

NARS Foreplay Cheek Palette

Just because something is a best-seller, doesn’t necessarily mean it will work on you. Case in point for me is NARS Orgasm. It translates too orangey-pink on me. I’ve tried over and over and it just won’t go. NARS has just released a deconstructed version of the palette that might just be the ticket. It has all the elements that made Orgasm famous in the first place, but you can mix them yourself to create a signature glow. Can’t wait to get my paws on it!