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Beauty Time Capsule

   1986 Olay ad - Dawning of a Beautiful Ritual // Belle Belle Beauty

There is something so profound about looking back at beauty trends of the past. These ads have me pondering how down the road, we will look at the beauty trends and advertisements we see today.

1934 Clairol Print Ad - The Complete Clairol // Belle Belle Beauty

1999 Herbal Essences Work Yourself into a Lather print ad // Belle Belle Beauty

1935 Clairol Print // Belle Belle Beauty

1989 Aussie Product Line-Up // Belle Belle Beauty

I’m sure, in the future, we will look back at some of our crazy trends with a smile. With that in mind, brands like COVERGIRL, Olay and Pantene are coming together to create a time capsule to be opened in 2038 with some of our current favorite products. Today through June 27th, you can vote on Facebook on what products should be locked away. Just pop on over to StyleUnited on Facebook. And here’s a fun video below commemorates some of those iconic looks we’ve embraced over the years.