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New Zealand’s 1907Water

New Zealand's 1907Water on Belle Belle Beauty

Okay, I realize this is a little off topic for a beauty blog, but let me tell you… water truly is the key to great skin. Since I started pounding water about three years ago, my complexion, energy level and even sleep has improved. Plus, I just feel better.  But until I visited my high school buddy’s new home a couple months ago, I didn’t realize my water habit could improve even more. She had installed filters in her faucets that produced alkaline water. I couldn’t believe how much better it tasted. I realize that it sounds ridiculous to talk about the taste of water, but I assure you it is actually really much better. And to boot, she also has one of those awesome ice machines that create perfect crunchy tiny cubes. Anyway, back to water…

New Zealand's 1907Water on Belle Belle Beauty

So what is the science behind alkaline water? It helps balance the body’s acidity levels that can be exacerbated by stress, lack of sleep and poor diet. The folks at 1907Water sent over a case of their alkaline artesian water for me to try at home – I rent so there will be no installing specialized filters in my apartment. And I can happily report that 1907 tastes just as good as my friend’s.

1907Water recently sourced in New Zealand is newly available in the US. The water comes from a 680 feet deep well in New Zealand’s Kaimanawa Ranges. The lower mineral content lends to a smooth and silky finish. And the bottles are made of 100% recycled BPA-free PET and are 100% recyclable.

Next time you spot 1907Water at your favorite spot, pick up and bottle. I bet you love it as much as I do. REport back your thoughts!

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