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ADORAtherapy Good Mood Boost Mist


I had a moment walking downtown this weekend. I had a terrible summer cold and temps topped 100 here in Tulsa the first time this year. The atmosphere was silent and heavy. While I wasn’t in a terrible mood, I could feel the melancholy. Strange how that happens. When I returned home, I happened on a package from ADORAtherapy/Mood-Boosting Aromatherapy.

This mood spray, aka Clear Away!, was not only perfect to reset my mood. But it was also perfectly light and clean on a brutally hot summer day. The formula has organic sage, peppermint and lemon. I plan on stocking up for travel too – when I so often get super anxious. And a stash at the office is in order as well given how it is super subtle and works in professional environments. Good Mood Boost indeed!

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Mood-Lites on Belle Belle Beauty

File this under somewhat random, but stay with me. I’ve been trying out Mood-lites the last couple of weeks. These colored light bulbs are designed to enhance your mood. Initially launched as porch lights, Mood-lites founder Kathryn Goetzke was intrigued with tweaking a commonly used product in a different way. These bulbs can be used to help encourage a mood. Or even in an artistic or festive way. They also make for great night lights at the mellow 25 watt power.

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