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Jouer Mini Tinted Lip Enhancers Kit

If you are anything like me, I have an assortment of lip treatments and glosses scattered throughout my life: on my desk, in my car, in ALL of my purses, etc.  So, when I see a kit of three that can provide lip plumping, moisture and a dose of color, I am intrigued.  These lip enhancers contain what Jouer calls “Maxi-Lip” that has been clinically proven to minimize fine lines and pump up your lips naturally.  Lip enhancers also contain Vitamin E, Shea Butter, and Jojoba Oil to moisturize and heal lips.  Unlike other lip enhancers, this formula does not sting or tickle (thank goodness – that’s just creepy!).  Concerning the color, these shades are relatively subtle, so they should really work on a range of coloring.  And I am always a sucker for the wine-related naming scheme:  

  • Champagne is a lovely barely-there neutral
  • Bellini is a juicy coral
  • Shiraz is a sheer berry

This trio is available through www.birchbox.com.  I was unable to find them on the Jouer website, but hope they will be selling them there too eventually.

CHANEL Levres Scintillantes Glossimer

I just cannot get onto this bandwagon.  I know they are iconic and adored, but I find the wear of these glosses, well, annoying.  First, they are too frosty for me.  I prefer a gloss that highlights the lips and looks more authentic.  The shine is really sticky and there is no way I could wear my long hair down – one little breeze and half my hear would be stuck to my lips.  This is probably due to the advertised gel texture. Honestly, the Revlon glosses are much better, in my opinion, and at a much more palatable price point!

Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss

Chic packaging, great colors and totally affordable.  I couldn’t wait to try this gloss that seemed to offer it all. When I pulled it out this weekend, my friend thought it was Chanel because the packaging is so similar. The lighter shades are sheer but add just a touch of color.  The darker shades are relatively pigmented for a gloss, but still has great staying power.  The consistency is not sticky and really moisturizing.  I don’t need lipbalm for hours after I apply the lip-gloss even if the color has faded slightly.

My favorite colors:

  • Color 900 is a bright blush pink and appears subtle but springy
  • Color 022 has just enough orange to honor spring trends, but is neutral and sheer enough to compliment all skin tones
  • Color 008 is a very sheer rose

NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencils

I am most certainly a lip gloss girl (rather than a lipstick girl).  And I loved the idea of delivering a gloss in pencil form.  NARS took a fan favorite Velvet Matte Lip Pencil and added luminosity – while the Velvet Matte are said to offer a lipstick look, I think the Velvet Gloss gives a gloss look with amazing staying power.  My hair doesn’t get stuck in the product (big issue for gloss-lovers with long hair).  Frivolous offers that pale pink that is big for the spring. And I love that the pencil format allows for tons of control in application.

Laura Mercier Lip Color – Stickgloss

I have been coveting my new Laura Mercier Stickgloss for weeks and have failed to mention it!  This has been my favorite recent find.  This is part lip balm, part lip stick and part lip glaze.  It comes out like a wash of color.  I have Pink Jewel, which is pretty bright for me, and I love that it has the pop of color but also a translucent subtlety.  They definitely wear longer than a gloss (but not as long as lipstick) and also hydrate your lips so you avoid cracking that sometimes occurs with matte lipstick.  And it isn’t sticky like gloss so you don’t have to worry when that wind blows your hair in your face.

I should also mention Laura Mercier Lip Balm SPF 15.  It is packaged just like a lip stick, but is actually a nourishing balm that smells slightly of vanilla.  I keep on at my desk and I really have seen improvement in the appearance of my lips during this dry winter.

Bobbi Brown Rich Color Gloss

I have always trended towards a more neutral lip and gloss only, never lipstick.  This winter I wanted to go out on a limb.  This product is perfect for those wanting to make their first foray into a strong lip.  It is advertised as having the coverage of a lipstick, the  shine of a gloss, and feel of a balm. The scent is not as strong as many other Bobbi Brown products, but there is a slight mint vanilla which is very pleasant.  I am currently using Pink Buff, but wouldn’t hesitate to come back for more colors as I up the drama.  These glosses don’t have the wear of a lipstick, but with the feel of a balm and nice scent, I don’t mind an occasional re-application.

  • Dusty Rose (pink mauve)
  • Naked (nude beige)
  • Pink Buff (nude pink)
  • Pink Raspberry (bright rose)
  • Ruby Red (bright red)