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Couture Gel Nail Polish

I admit, there is something comforting about going out for a mani/pedi. I somehow feel more prepared to face the world with fresh polish on my digits. But you can’t always make it to a salon (or perhaps those mani/pedis were cut from the budget). I’ve been the queen of at home manis these last couple of months (just check out my Instagram feed – username bellebellebeauty). Yet, I never would have imagined I could get a Gel Polish manicure at home.

Enter the Couture Gel Nail Polish System. This at home gel polish kit made these long-lasting manicures possibly and easy to achieve. Gel nail polish is a light-sensitive lacquer that quickly dries to a shiny, indestructible finish under a UV lamp. I’ve done two manicures and they both lasted 10 days on me. This is an eternity in my books. I think with diligent use of gloves while doing dishes and a gentler approach to using nails as tools (guilty), you could get three weeks.

The colors are really impressive with a range of 65 options. Below, I am wearing Painfully Hip.

The kit, priced at $129, contains:

  • Your choice of 3 gel nail polish shades, plus a base coat and a top coat
  • A salon-quality 36-watt UV Espree Salon Lamp
  • A step-by-step brochure and instructional DVD on application and removal
  • A zip-up nylon carrying case
  • Professional manicure tools

When you price out $30 gel manicures at salons, this is an amazing deal. And I love the flexibility of being able to do a gel mani at home. It is my current favorite for right before travel, ensuring there won’t be any chips on my trips!