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Armani Beauty High Lift Firming Rich Cream

I cannot believe I have already made it through an entire pot of this stuff and neglected to tell you about it. Armani Beauty High Lift Firming Rich Cream has surprisingly been my night cream staple that I just can’t quit. I say “surprising” because it doesn’t sound like a product designed for someone in their early thirties. (Can I still say “early thirties even though I’ll be 33 next week? I think yes.)

While the name conjures up a sense that this will lift sagging skin, the cream actually targets the texture. The formula conditions and softens the skin. So while some might sense diminished wrinkles, I have found this makes my skin more radiant and even. Keep in mind my skin is on the drier side. If you are like me, you will find this has the perfect amount of hydration without being overly creamy. It spreads evenly and absorbs quickly without leaving a heavy or sticky feel. I love the way it looks under makeup so fell free to use it in AM as well (may I suggest the version with SPF – how handy!).

Foundation Brushes

Since I largely use tinted moisturizer, I really should call these “moisturizer brushes” but either way, they are my favorite tool for blending any color on my face.  Over the years, I have tried great (and not so great) brushes and most are still in my collection – a testimony to how long these tools will last.

Armani Beauty Designer Foundation Brush

The fibers are shorter than other foundation brushes, which gives great control but can hinder blending.  I especially like the sharper end to get into the areas around my nose, under eyes and chin. The brush contains a blend of fibers which is typical for foundation brushes. The effect of this brush is a heavier coverage with ability to add precision. Overall this is a great brush that will last a long time. ($51)

Bobbi Brown Foundation Brush

The longer brush by Bobbi Brown won’t provide precise lines, but blends tinted moisturizer flawlessly.  The color almost buffs into the skin achieving Bobbi Brown’s signature “your own skin” look.  It also gives foundation a more moderate coverage.  I am sure the lighter bristles on the end have another purpose, but it provides encouragement for frequently cleaning because pigment is readily visible. ($35)

As a fan of foundation brushes, I think these two offer the best of what is out there.  If you are one who favors a heavier coverage, Armani is the way to go.  For those who like a tinted look, try Bobbi Brown.

Armani Face Fabric Second Skin Nude Makeup

I thought I would fall in love with this stuff.  And, to some extent, I did.  I love that it is sheer and relatively easy to put on.  It doesn’t cover up dark spots but gives a slightly more finished look.  But mom didn’t give it the two thumbs up.  Frankly, I understand why.  The overall effect is a little matte and feathery – if that makes any sense. The blending doesn’t give that overall natural look.  Next time I am going to try the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer.