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Amore Pacific Future Response Age Defense Day/Night Eye Creme Duo

 Amore Pacific Future Response Age Defense Day/Night Eye Creme Duo on Belle Belle Beauty

File this under “brilliant”. This is a “why didn’t I think of that” kind of eye cream that will be in my rotation for the foreseeable future, particularly in the summer.  Amore Pacific Future Response Age Defense Day/Night Eye Creme is a duo that provides formulas specifically designed for the AM or PM hours.

First, a little about Amore Pacific should you not be familiar. This company is six decades old and was founded on Asian principals of using natural ingredients. Some of the most popular ingredients include bamboo, green tea and ginseng.

So these little pots come attached to each other with a small slot for an applicator. My major pet peeve is losing those precious applicators that come with luxury creams, so I adore having a place to store this one safely. Each pot is marked with either a sun or moon so you know which to reach for as you prep for the day or bed.

Both sides contain Amore Pacific’s proprietary Future Response Complex – a blend of green tea and pine mushroom. It both protects during the day and heals at night. The “Day” side of the duo contains SPF 25 and antioxidant protection. The “Night” side of the duo works to plump skin with collagen and speed cellular turnover, helping with fine lines and wrinkles.

Both formulas were kind to my sensitive skin. The “Day” formula is slightly lighter, but both absorb quickly. The “Day” formula also provides a slight radiance that helps awake my dull skin. And both have a pleasant, slight spa-like scent. I’ve found significant improvement in my dark circles. I still have a little puffiness but  allergies are likely to blame – can’t really ask an eye cream to fight those too. Overall, I think my under eye area looks better than ever!

Samples generously provided by Neiman Marcus as part of the Beauty Ambassador Program, but as always, opinions are my own.

Amore Pacific

Amore Pacific is the ultimate in luxury skincare (with price and performance to match).  Harnessing the expertise of Korean skin care, Amore Pacific uses Asian botanicals as main ingredients in anti-aging and soothing skin care systems.  Some of the ingredients include green tea and Korean red ginseng. 

I tried various products from the lineup  – and honestly, they were all amazing.  I selected some of my favorites that I think provide the best value.  The On-the-go cleansing tissues are a great entry product to the line.  I love a good towelette, but some can be harsh.  These are incredibly soothing but at the same time can stand up to stubborn mascara and lipstick. Formulated with water-emulsified botanical oils to moisturize; won’t strip skin.  They even have skin care properties and can tone and brighten skin.

Amore Pacific Treatment Cleansing Oil was another highlight.  I am new to the cleansing oil scene, but a big fan already.  You apply it to dry skin, and use damp fingers to dissolve the makeup.  This process also made me do a short self-massage, which is popular in South Korea as part of the skin care ritual. Stimulating blood flow and lymphatic drainage can eliminate puffiness and dull skin.  My skin was always really balanced and not at all oily after cleansing.  It does contain olive and sunflower seed oil – while lightweight and moisturizing, might not be great for oily skin.

For hydration, I liked the Moisture Bound Rejuvenating Collection which is anti-aging, but for all skin types.  After two weeks of using Moisture Bound Rejuvenating Cream, I definitely felt my skin was more radiant.  But the biggest effect was how insanely soft my skin was… my makeup went on better and my complexion was so smooth.  I also tried the Gel formula – I wish all skin care lines provided a refreshing and oil-free formula for those without dry skin.

For my eye cream, I preferred the more intense Time Response line, which attacks aging more aggressively.  The Time Response system uses advanced technology for 24 hours of continuous time-release application of the botanical ingredients.  Stabilized Bamboo Sap is used in lieu of water, increasing product potency.   Amore Pacific Time Response Eye Creme will always have a special place in my heart for making huge strides against my nasty dark circles.  I was able to use it all over my eye for major hydration and it never irritated my skin or eyes.

Overall, this is an outstanding line, with serious ingredients and results to back up the luxury price point.  I was able to meet some of the team at Bergdorfs on FNO, and they couldn’t be nicer.  Always fun to support a company with awesome people.

  1. Moisture Bound Rejuvenating Cream
  2. Time Response Eye Creme
  3. Treatment Cleansing Oil
  4. On-the-go cleansing tissues