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Nutrisystem Week 3

Nutrisystem Week 3 // Belle Belle Beauty

The journey continues! Happily might I add. I had a good week, meeting all my goals and requirements. The meals continue to be tastier than I expected and the amount of snacks required per day makes me feel like I’m constantly eating. Not to mention all the water-drinking seems to help keep me full. My favorite snack this week was a mini cup of tuna mixed with garlic chili paste – yummy! It does the trick when I am having a protein craving – in Nutrisystem language, that’s called a Power Fuel.

I have started weighing myself every day. I had a couple mornings this week were there wasn’t a loss. That can be a little discouraging given all the hard work I am putting in. It makes me question if I should weigh daily. Have any of you had a weight loss journey, and if so, did you weigh daily or weekly (or at all)??

I lost 1.8 pounds this week bringing the total to a 9.2 pounds. Slow and steady wins the race, right? I’m pleased with the consistant and healthy rate of weight loss without any sense of depravation – honest, I promise!

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