Baci Di Sole at NYC’s De Berardinis Salon

 Baci Di Sole at NYC's De Berardinis Salon // Belle Belle Beauty

Is there anything more glamorous than visiting a salon in NYC? I think not. Especially for this Oklahoma girl. So, while I was up in the big city for NYFW, I swung by De Berardinis Salon in Chelsea for one of their signature services, Baci Di Sole. Side note, I was also in serious need for a trim and they were kind enough to put their scissors to use.

I met with Adrian, the owner of De Berardinis Salon, to chat about the hair coloring service. Now, keep in mind I have never colored my hair. For some reason, being in NYC makes me braver. And I knew I was seeing more and more greys so I was going to have to bite the bullet at some point.

Adrian explained Baci Di Sole would be subtle highlights with a ombre effect. To learn the process, Adrian (who is quite the handsome fellow, ladies) visited a salon in Milan where the service was developed. Hair is teased and then color is painted on, so the effect is an imperfect, highly natural look. Perfect for a first-timer, no? The process never touched the scalp, which I appreciated  since I suffer from sensitive skin. Adrian used both Goldwell and Wella hair color.

For me, he chose a warm dark blond/light brown. I love the way it brightens my complexion. And it is truly subtle, but I can feel the way the texture and look of my hair has more depth. Color changes the way hair behaves and my fine hair loves the increased hold of color-treated hair.

I’ve been growing my hair out for years so I surprised myself when I let Adrian cut as he saw fit before the color treatment (he cut it dry since we were doing color processing). But it is a good thing. He cut about four inches of dead hair. Now my ends are healthy (and sun-kissed blond). Bottom line, I am tempted to fly back to NYC for my next cut and color. This guy is truly talented. My blowout was the perfect beachy wave. He used Kérastase’s newest styling line, Couture Styling – more on those products soon to come on Belle Belle. Oh, and De Berardinis Salon also had a great Blow Dry Bar!

Check out my instagrams here, here and here for the final result. I’m hooked and love to natural, sun-kissed look.


Avon At Elizabeth & James Spring 2014

Avon At Elizabeth & James Spring 2014 // Belle Belle Beauty

Okay guys… one more NYFW round up. I feel like these can sometimes get a little old, but if there is a particular look I fall for, I can’t help but sharing. Even more so when it is used at a presentation for a clothing line I love and wear. Let’s be honest, I would wear The Row 24/7 if I had an unlimited budget. So, Elizabeth & James offers that same quality with a little bit of casual breeziness. When I invest in an Elizabeth & James piece, I wear it for years.

Avon At Elizabeth & James Spring 2014 // Belle Belle Beauty

The look created by Lauren Andersen is modern yet classic so it is no wonder it all is achieved with the iconic American brand, Avon. The minimalist tone includes glowy complexions and just a hint of color. Not to mention, some serious eyebrows (I’m currently letting mine just grow wild and I am loving it). Andersen describes the looks as “fresh yet sophisticated” and compliments the “relaxed, casual vibe of the spring collection.”

Avon At Elizabeth & James Spring 2014 // Belle Belle Beauty

To get the clean natural look:

  1. Prep skin. Using a foundation brush and your finger, apply a thin layer of Avon Ideal Flawless Invisible Coverage Liquid Foundation only on areas that need coverage. To create a natural dewiness, go back over the foundation with a wet sponge. (I love the idea of going over already applied foundation with a wet sponge rather than using a wet sponge to apply)
  2. Highlight cheeks, brow bone and nose by swiping these areas with Avon Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation in Transparent Glow.
  3. To keep cheeks looking dewy and fresh, apply Avon Ultra Color Lipstick in Carnation, a blushing pink shade, on the apples of cheeks. (I can’t help but get giddy when artists use a product for another purpose than as it was intended)
  4. On the eyes, use a light wash of shadow with Avon True Color Eye Shadow Duo in Healthy Glow. Apply the lighter shade to the inner eyes and across the lid. Blend the darker shade very lightly along the lash line. (I have been really impressed with Avon’s shadows – they are creamy and super pigmented thanks to a special process used while being made)
  5. Lightly line eyes for a “just-defined look” with Avon’s Kohl Eye Liner in Intense Brown.
  6. Give lashes volume and definition with Avon Mega Effects Mascara. (This stuff is seriously the bomb – see my review here.)
  7. Finish the look by matching lip color to the shade used on cheeks. Apply Avon Ultra Color Lipstick in Carnation to the center of the lips with your finger and then blot it out to give the pout a natural-yet-noticeable stain effect.


Ouidad Stylists Bring Texture to the Runway – Tracy Reese Spring 2014

  Ouidad Stylists Bring Texture to the Runway - Tracy Reese Spring 2014 // Belle Belle Beauty

So, one of my goals with my shorter and more layered hair is to embrace the messy look. And nothing could be more on trend. Messy up-dos were all over the runways this past week at New York Fashion Week.

Ouidad Stylists Bring Texture to the Runway - Tracy Reese Spring 2014 // Belle Belle Beauty

I was fortunate enough to be back stage at the Tracy Reese show and got to see the stylists at work. Stylists crafted textured knots inspired by “Afro Cuban” hair. The texture was a perfect play off Tracy’s collection full of leather and raffia embroidery. While my hair is naturally fine, I learned that texture can be created with the right tools and products.

Ouidad Stylists Bring Texture to the Runway - Tracy Reese Spring 2014 // Belle Belle Beauty

I’d already fallen for Ouidad even though it is particularly aimed for those with curly hair (see post here). While the Curl Recovery Whipped Curls Daily Conditioner & Styling Primer really is better suited for naturally curly hair, some of these products used at Tracy Reese are high on my wish list to transform my straight and fine texture.

Salon Series by Ouidad Mongongo Oil Multi Use Hair Treatment // Belle Belle Beauty

First up is the Salon Series by Ouidad Mongongo Oil Multi Use Hair Treatment. Known as “hair food”, the vitamin E packed formula can regenerate and repair hair. It also acts as a heat protectant, reduces frizz and adds shine.

Ouidad Play Curl Volumizing Styling Spray // Belle Belle Beauty

The Ouidad Play Curl Volumizing Styling Spray can help hold both natural and crafted curls. The hold stays soft and touchable thanks to wheat proteins, wheat amino acids and glycerin.

Ouidad Wave Create Sea Spray // Belle Belle Beauty

Always a sucker for a sea spray, Ouidad Wave Create Sea Spray is high on my wish list. This one in particular is designed for straight hair can help achieve the perfect tousle. Sea Kelp adds shine.

Ouidad Wave Create Texture Taffy // Belle Belle Beauty

Ouidad Wave Create Texture Taffy also works for straight hair. This has a matte finish without being sticky. It also nourishes hair with Marine Complex, Sea Kelp and Algae Extract.

Ouidad is available at ouidad.com, folica, and Ulta.

Belle Belle Visits Mario Badescu Salon

Belle Belle Visits Mario Badescu Salon // Belle Belle Beauty

A highlight of my recent New York City adventure was stopping by the Mario Badescu Salon to get treated to a facial and learn more about this brand that I love. Heading into a oasis of calm after hoofing it around hectic New York City was in itself relaxing. While I was fairly confident about my skin type, I was relieved when Maria confirmed that I had very dry skin, slightly sensitive and definitely suffering from sun damage. Relived that I was correct but discouraged I had an uphill battle ahead of me. She was direct but also comforting in saying there was lots I could do to reverse the damage and soothe my dry, irritated skin.

Using lots of products with Aloe, my skin was cleaned. Extractions are usually a breeze for me – clogged pores aren’t my biggest issue. But she was gentle while still achieving a great deep clean. Next up was my beloved Flower and Tonic Mask which can clean pores without drying and while calming sensitivity. Next up was a salon-only peel-off Vitamin C mask. You know me… I can resist a good peel off and this was to help with sun damage and pigmentation. She finished with Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater. To moisturize and protect, she used Aloe Moisturizer with SPF 15. I feel a little bit better with the higher protection of their Oil Free Moisturizer with SPF 30, but am happy to know of an alternative if I am feeling more sensitive than usual.

My skin looked so great, I braved a dinner with my favorite beauty bloggers that evening completely sans makeup. There is something to be said for just letting your skin breathe after a facial. For those of you in NYC, I highly highly suggest a visit to the salon (320 E. 52nd Street between 1st Ave & 2nd Ave). Starting at $65, facials can be a great way to whip your skin into shape and they are so affordable. The classic and no nonsense approach to skin care and in-person treatment left me with dewy, even skin. Even if you happen to find yourself in the neighborhood, you can drop in for a free consultation at the front desk. They will hook you up with samples of your suggested routine so you can try before you buy.

And those like me who aren’t in the big city, just check out this page on their website. You can chat live with a skin care specialist or fill out a form for your very own digital consultation. They will hook you up with those same samples to check out before you buy. How cool is that???


Hourglass Cosmetics at La Perla

Hourglass Cosmetics at La Perla // Belle Belle Beauty

On Thursday, I was blown away by the Instagrams from La Perla’s presentation at The Gallery at Dream Downtown. Often so difficult with lingerie, the collection was sexy, sophisticated, feminine and so luxe. And the makeup – swoon. Here are some of the details from Hourglass artist Moani Lee who created two distinct and beautiful looks.

Hourglass Cosmetics at La Perla // Belle Belle Beauty

For La Perla’s Black Label collection, Lee focused on the eyes. The look is a “fresh take on the classic smoky eye, featuring a blend of black and brown kohl liner,” she says. “There are no harsh lines, it’s a softer interpretation that showcases beautiful, almond-shaped eyes.” The nude color on lips is a preview of Hourglass Femme Nude Lip Stylo, a collection of neutral lipsticks to be released in the fall (cannot wait!).

Hourglass Cosmetics at La Perla // Belle Belle Beauty

For the La Perla collection, focus was on the lips. Lee blended two shades of Hourglass Femme Rouge Velvet Crème Lipstick. “It was one part Icon and three parts Raven,” she says.

Hourglass Cosmetics at La Perla // Belle Belle Beauty

For both looks:

For the soft eyes and bold lip at the La Perla Collection:

For the nude lip and bold eyes at La Perla Black Label:

Aveda Pure Abundance Style Prep at Richard Chai Love NYFW Spring 2013

I have a slight infatuation with the perfect ponytail. The object of my affection is the slicked ponies seen at Richard Chai Love Spring 2013 runway show last month. I am always trying to achieve a sleek, parted pony that looks a little playful and a lot polished.

Usually, my hair frizzes and I relent into a top knot. But after discovering Aveda Pure Abundance Style Prep, my pony has hope. It gave my fine hair just enough volume and grit to achieve style. And it stayed put all day long. It also works as a refresher on day old hair. In true Aveda fashion, it smells fabulous.

The sporty collection was a great match for the athletic hair style. But Kevin Ryan, Aveda Stylist, adds that Richard “plays with proportion – nothing is exactly as you’d have imagined it. We’re slicking the hair back into a low ponytail with asymmetrical partings on top of the head. At first glance it looks like a regular pony, but look again and you notice something’s a little off.” And I am always game for an artistic interpretation of a classic.

Here’s a how-to from Kevin that helped me tremendously.

  1. Prep damp hair from roots to ends with Aveda Pure Abundance Style Prep; blowdry straight with a Mason Pearson brush.
  2. Flat iron hair, working from nape to crown.
  3. Create a square section of the head by parting hair along the parietal ridge. Secure on top of head with an elastic. (I just do a deep side part instead)
  4. Smooth out bottom section with a fine-toothed comb and mist with Aveda Air Control Hair Spray to control flyaways.
  5. Secure bottom section into a low pony at the base of the head; flat iron loose ends to completely smooth out the pony. Hold in place with Air Control Hair Spray.
  6. Release the top section of hair and flat iron to remove any kinks. Brush toward the right ear, making a clean parting on the left.
  7. Emulsify a dime-sized dollop of Flax Seed Aloe Gel and smooth it over the top of the hair for shine and hold.
  8. Starting at the point where the left parting meets the forehead, make another part diagonal across the head, creating two asymmetrical sections on top of the head.
  9. Pull each section back and secure into the pony at the nape, maintaing clearly defined partings.
  10. Flatten flyaways with a fine- toothed comb or soft brush and Air Control Hair Spray.
  11. Finish with a generous coating of Brilliant Spray-On Shine for a gloss.

Photography by Imaxtree, Style.com and Aveda Corp.