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Summer Complexion Helpers

We are more than halfway through summer and I am still enjoying the casual days, subtle makeup and festive mood. I’m also seeing the effects of time by the pool – filled with pore clogging sunscreen and dreaded hyper-pigmentation causing sun. I thought I’d share some of my favorite complexion savers that have been especially helpful to me during the summer routine.

1. Kate Somerville Complexion Correction Daily Discoloration Perfector: This stuff goes after melanin (which causes those dark spots). The formula actually controls the creation of pigments, while lightening at the same time. Retinol is also included to fight those fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Bliss No ‘Zit’ Sherlock Rubberizing Mask: Bring a little piece of Bliss Spa home with this “way too fun” rubberizing mask. There is something so satisfying about peeling off the mask after it has dried. Tea tree, seaweed and willow and menthol extracts help complexion look less shiny and improves the appearance of pores.

3. 3LAB Perfect BB SPF40/ PA+++: Armed with high factor SPF, this tinted moisturizer can even skin and fight those dark spots while making skin appear flawless. The formula contains 3LAB’s proprietary bioengineered growth hormone that can reverse the signs of aging.

4. Obagi Professional-C Serum 15% Strength: This serum effectively delivers a high-powered amount of Vitamin C into the skin. Vitamin C is great anti-aging ingredient which also lightens and brightens skin. Unlike other Vitamin C products, I get zero irritation despite the high level of active ingredient.

5. Bliss No ‘Zit’ Sherlock Correcting Serum: Containing 1% Salicylic acid, this serum gently heals blemishes and fades darks spots that those blemishes leave behind. If you have oiler skin, it makes for a great all over serum, reducing pore size and redness.