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Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal

Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal on Belle Belle Beauty

I usually gravitate towards creamy and thinner concealers for under eye. I tend to like the luminous and natural looking finish. But sometimes, you just need a little help from some friends. And that friend lately happens to be Miracle Skin.

While I am not suffering from many blemishes, I do have a nasty case of dark circles and a small scar on my chin. My normal favorite (this one) wasn’t quite providing enough coverage. Enter Miracle Skin Treat & Conceal Multifunctional Concealer.

This comes out of the tube in a paste-like form. But it actually spreads and applies smooth while providing a dose of moisture. The best part, is the coverage is substantial so you don’t have to cake on layers – something not so fun in the summer heat. Skin is also soothed with White Rose and Chamomile and the concealer can help correct signs of aging at the same time.

Note, you just need a very very small dot of product for coverage under both eyes – this stuff goes a long way. When I get a little more than intended, I love using it as an eye primer. My perpetual dark lids are transformed into nude and prepped for my favorite summer golden shadow. Or I just wear it alone for a bare, natural look.

Available in four shades – I use Medium and, believe it or not, I find it to be ever so slightly light. Available at Nordstrom.


BB Creams – My Favorites for Each Skin Type

A BB Cream (initials for “Beauty Balm” or “Blemish Balm”) is a moisturizer, sunscreen, and skin care treatment all in one. They were first popularized in Asia and have since taken the US by storm. They are literally EVERYWHERE. As a beauty editor, the questions I most often get are “How do I pick a BB Cream?” or “Which BB Cream is your favorite?”. So, this article is designed to narrow down my favorites based on your exact needs.

First, I must disclose, this is probably my most favorite beauty product at the moment. It is a multi-tasker that prevents aging, makes skin look even and still have a natural look about it. They work great as a primer with SPF under foundation. Or on their own if you don’t need as much coverage. One of these should definitely be in your makeup arsenal.

Best for combo/oily skin: Boscia B.B. Cream SPF 27 PA++

This oil-free formula comes in only one shade but works on a wide range of complexions. It has a watery consistency that blends easily and won’t clog pores. The addition of Abyssine, a naturally-derived survival molecule, can actually calm skin inflamed by breakouts or sensitivity.

Best for dry skin: NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30/PA+++

NARS has a high SPF with a dewy and hydrated finish. The coverage is fairly substantial for a tinted moisturizer and this keeps my dry skin plump and glowy all day. They have a great shade range and the slightly yellow undertones neutralize redness. NARS also promises to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation with four weeks of continued use. My dark spots did improve while I was using NARS but I also had steps in my skincare to fight darks spots.

Best for dry skin with lighter coverage Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm SPF 25 PA++ 

This formula by Dr. Jart is made with 50 percent water, hydrating skin to give a healthy finish. This is great for a hot summer day because the water actually has a cooling effect as it is applied to the skin. The coverage is slightly lighter than his Premium formulation seen below.

Best for sensitive or red skin: Omorovicza Complexion Perfector BB Cream SPF 20, 1.7

This silicon-free formula is perfect for easily irritated skin. The luxury formula has loads of skin care benefits, including Hyaluronic acid, adding hydration. The coverage is light but it easily minimizes redness and gives a glowy finish without looking too dewy.

Best for varying coverage or as a primer: Miracle Skin™ Transformer

This vitamin rich formula evens skin while still being light-weight. Its formula and coverage makes it particularly well suited to build as you need more coverage and contains scilicon to give it a bit of “slip”. This also makes it a great primer under a fuller coverage foundation. This was a lifesaver in the winter when I needed more coverage for redness in the center of my face, but was stil able to use a lighter application on my cheeks and forehead.

Best SPF: Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45 PA+++

While these other formulas have between 20-30 SPF, Dr. Jart amped it up with this formula. His “Premium” version is perfect for summer days spent outdoors. He didn’t skip on skin care properties – bio-peptides and adenosine protect skin from harsh environmental factors while restoring firmness and elasticity.

For a drugstore alternative: Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector B.B. Cream

Garnier did a great job bringing BB Cream to the drugstore, available for $12.99. They have two shades: Light/Medium and Medium/Deep.

Miracle Skin Giveaway

I went about this a bit backwards. I was already hooked on the Miracle Skin™ Transformer Body SPF 20 but hadn’t yet tried Miracle Skin’s original product: Miracle Skin™ Transformer. There is certainly no method to my madness. But moving on, I was met with just as wonderful of a product as I expected. Sarah McNamara (Miracle Skin founder) has developed a core set of products that are simple, effective staples for your vanity (and mine). Plus they are made in the USA and not tested on animals, snagging my seal of approval.

The Miracle Skin™ Transformer isn’t a tinted moisturizer, but a tinted skin enhancer. The coverage is very light (but buildable). The silicone formulation improves the look of skin by minimizing fine lines, dark spots and blemishes.  My complexion is evener but not covered up.  At the same time, using the M3 Complex, the skin is hydrated while active antioxidants and vitamins (A, K, and E ) go to work. The formula literally calms down my perpetually red skin.  And this winter, it has been my go to sun protection (SPF 20/UVA/UVB protection). I use Light. It is pretty sheer so it works, but I suggest you go a shade darker than you think you need. Next time, I’m going pick up Medium Tan.

Available in six shades:

Since I was clearly a convert, I HAD to try the Miracle Skin™ Transformer Treat & Conceal Eye & Face. This might be the all-star. It is actually a serum that conceals while it treats acne, redness, lines, bags, circles or whatever needs hiding. Salicylic acid helps treat blemishes – but it is gentle enough not to anger my sensitive skin. Vitamin K treats vascular conditions like nasty dark circles and redness around the nose. White rose and chamomile extracts calm the skin. Unlike any other concealer, it is silicone derived, creating a smooth and natural coverage. This is the least cake-y concealer I have used. I use light for the undereye, but I think next time I will pick up light/medium. Light is great for circles but a little too fair for my blemishes.

Available in three shades:

I can’t help but share this enthusiasm with you, my dear readers.  So Miracle Skin and I are giving away a Miracle Skin™ Transformer AND Treat & Conceal Eye & Face to one lucky reader. Just enter using the widget below. Good luck!


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Miracle Skin™ Transformer Body SPF 20

Unfortunately, I have loads of redness in my skin.  And I suffer from Keratosis pilaris, a VERY common skin condition in which a protein in the skin called keratin forms hard plugs within hair follicles. This appears as red, bumpy skin, usually on the back of your arms. So, I was thrilled to find this one-step skin enhancer that doesn’t necessarily cover skin imperfections but evens them out. Plus, it contains a UVA/UVB SPF 20.

I know this will be a life saver in the summer. But it has already come in pretty handy. For these holiday party cocktail dresses, there is no shortage of bare skin. I have used the Miracle Skin on my arms and legs. It gives legs an even and glowing appearance which actually makes you look longer and leaner. As the eye travels, it isn’t distracted by unevenness and imperfection. And I don’t care how much people tell me they are in fashion again – I just won’t do nude hose.

Miracle Skin Transformer is definitely a workhorse with SPF 20 and antioxidants. The finish is hydrated but mostly matte. This is achieved with a naturally derived silicone formulation that improves skin texture, minimizes fine lines and pores, and reduces pigmentation spots over time. It also uses the M3 Complex to deliver Vitamin A, K, E, and enzyme Q10 for long-term improvement of skin texture. While I would love to say I use this regularly, I generally save it for special occasions, so I can’t speak to long term benefits.

I have the middle shade, Glow Enhancer, which is just enough coverage for my natural skin tone with a slight shimmer and increased depth of color. It is also available in Sheer Enhancer (lighter) and Bronze Enhancer (darker). Swatches from Sephora below:

The middle shade can be a little messy, especially if you are wearing black. So beware if you are wearing tight fitting clothes.  But it did beautifully with my short, black cocktail dress with no transfer.

As a side note, Miracle Skin Transform founder, Sarah McNamara, is a corporate beauty vetaran. She launched her products largely on the foundation of social media – very cool. She also believes that “consumers are choosing to buy less in order to buy better, reflecting a desire for products that possess greater meaning in their lives.” She understands that beauty consumers are savvier than ever, and I know that is something all of us are thrilled to hear.