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Wednesday On The Web

Fall Scarf on Belle Belle Beauty

Changing up Wednesday on the Web this week – instead of an update and links, I had a couple short updates to share with you. Hope you like the little twist on the weekly installment!

Sadly, the Rag & Bone booties I ordered I Shopbop were so hard to get on. They had to go back. I wanted them to work so badly, it was almost painful to drop them at USPS today. So now I am considering this pair.

I attended a William Sonoma cooking class on Sunday – my first and inspired by my recent visit to Culinary Institute of America in St. Helena last month. We learned Butternut Squash “mac and cheese” using a spiralizer. After many months of hearing praises, I finally caved and purchased the four-blade version. Last night I made zucchini “pasta” and am already hooked.

I don’t get too excited for Halloween. Usually I’d rather just fast-forward to Thanksgiving (not that I’d ever want to miss a single second of autumn and college football). But I do find myself transfixed by this Halloween shoot – am I in awe by its beauty or shocked by its drama? Maybe both?

image here