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HERMÈS Twilly d’Hermès

I haven’t shared a fragrance update in ages – still hooked on Le Labo Santal. But this summer, my friend gifted me Twilly d’Hermès as a thank you for being part of her wedding. I couldn’t imagine a more thoughtful gift as we share an admiration for the brand. And the scent could not be any more perfect for me.

I was a little surprised at this as I usually shy away from florals, but this blend matches tuberose with ginger and sandalwood, giving it a spicy and soft finish. It dries down sweet on my skin, which I love in the hot weather. It is worth a sniff if you are like me and need a summer update to woody, spicy winter favorites.

Un Jardin Sur Le Nil Cologne by Hermes Eau De Toilettes

I was not the girl who loves the flowery scents. My friends from high school would tell you I was always with DK Cashmere Mist (still a favorite to this day). Given that I come from a Grandmother who loved Opium, I might be overcompensating by seeking out light and refreshing perfume. But on that note, I happened across a perfect summer scent yesterday. It has all the organic and herbal notes to make you feel clean and not weighed down. But still comes across as fresh and young. I was left sniffing my wrist the rest of the day – probably generating much confusion at Starbucks and the Apple Store.