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Nutrisystem Week 37

Nutrisystem Week 37 // Belle Belle Beauty

Well, I wish I had a better update for you. I lost a little momentum after a great week last week. I allowed myself a little pasta here and skipped a day or two of exercise. And what I am left with is a week with no weight loss. This morning, I recommitted and am looking forward to a workout as soon as this post is completed.

Part of the problem is a little bit of fatigue. First, I didn’t sleep very well last week thanks to restless dogs, a little stress and am amazing book (The Paris Wife). And, frankly, after eight months on Nutrisystem, I crave a change of pace now and then. Don’t get me wrong… I absolutely love the food and it is delicious. But I have been seeking out alternatives, especially since I know this is my last month on the program. While I know these last couple of pounds aren’t easy ones, I rest assured because I feel great, clothes fit wonderfully and I am a happier and healthier person. I’ve lost 35.4 pounds since I began Nutrisystem.

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