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Brand Spotlight: Amarté Skin Care

Amarté Skin Care // Belle Belle Beauty

I love reviewing skin care systems that embrace regimen approach. When products are designed to work together, I feel my skin gets a re-boot – almost like a cleanse for the face. The system is comprised of four components: cleansing, moisturization, rejuvenation and protection. The Heart & Seoul Collection, the set I tried out, encompasses all these steps in one easy package.

Amarté views cleansing as a fundamental part of skin care, maintaining integrity and skin barrier function. The Daily Wonder Cleansing Foam has that creamy formula which plays so nice with my dry skin. At the same time, I love foaming action to really get my skin clean.

Amarté has a two-step approach to moisture. At first, I was confused how to layer and use these two products: Aqua Veil and HydroLift. But after I was instructed to use Aqua Veil first, followed by HydroLift, I found my dry skin uniquely quenched. The hydration was “sealed in” with the second, richer application. The Aqua Veil is a cucumber-infused moisturizer on the light side. It might be just perfect for the warm summer months. I love the fresh, nourishing feel without any heaviness. The heavier HydroLift works agains fine lines and wrinkles. Retinol works on tone and texture while caviar extract and acacia collagen deeply hydrate to plump the skin.

Restoration comes next with the Eyeconic Eye Cream, coupled with an applicator like I’ve never seen before. The formula contains 3.8% stabilized retinol, while remaining gentle and elegant. I experience zero irritation and am thrilled to find an eye cream turbo charged with retinol.

The Heart & Seoul Collection also included two travel size containers for their Natural Finish BB Cream. My friend, Amber, reviewed a full size of the BB Cream here and I share in her enthusiasm. It is truly a best of breed with great coverage, natural finish and rigorous skin care. The SPF 36 is up to my standards and the consistancy is rich and smooth. The formula contains antioxidants and complexion enhancers

If you feel the New Year is bringing a need for a little re-set, I highly recommend the Heart & Seoul Collection. The portions are generous and it is a great way to expose yourself to the brand. At the very least, check out the BB Cream. The collection can be found at www.amartecosmetics.com.

A little about the brand: The Amarté Skin Care has deep roots in Korea, but was discovered by an American dermatologist, Dr. Kraffert, and introduced to the West. The line is developed at a Bio Regional Innovation Center using leading science, maintaining its roots in luxurious and results-oriented skin care.


La Prairie White Caviar Illuminating Eye Cream

When La Prairie launches a new line, they make sure their loyalists will love it. Their new White Caviar Illuminating Système specifically targets age spots, discoloration and hyper-pigmentation, meeting the needs of their current customers and making a new one out of me. My biggest concern is under eye circles and hyper-pigmentation, so I was on La Prairie bandwagon for the first time. I had no qualms about trusting my eyes to La Prairie. They have been around for more than a half of a century as pioneers in cellular, anti-aging therapy.

The White Caviar Illuminating Eye Cream works in three ways against discoloration. It prevents by limiting and minimizing the trigger enzyme, tyrosinase, which starts hyper-pigmentation deep within the skin. While you are using the cream, it actuals is decreasing and controling excess melanin. And, lastly, it also fades existing spots.

Here’s where it gets technical: Oligopeptide-68, a skin-lightening peptide, along with Swiss Garden Cress Sprout Extract, fade existing spots and prevent future excess pigment formation. Vitamin C and Licorice Root Extract help melanin. And  Golden Caviar Extracts boost the anti-oxidant level of defense in the skin while also promoting firming aspects. Lastly, La Prairie’s exclusive Cellular Complex of Glycoproteins, Horsetail, and Ginseng Extracts, help stimulate the skin’s natural renewal process.

Long story short: it works. This stuff is results oriented. My dark circles have improved and even some hyper-pigmentation around my eyes has faded. And a bonus is you can use day and night. The formula is sheer and lightweight so it works well under makeup. And because of its weight, you can apply it all the way up to the brow bone.


Amore Pacific

Amore Pacific is the ultimate in luxury skincare (with price and performance to match).  Harnessing the expertise of Korean skin care, Amore Pacific uses Asian botanicals as main ingredients in anti-aging and soothing skin care systems.  Some of the ingredients include green tea and Korean red ginseng. 

I tried various products from the lineup  – and honestly, they were all amazing.  I selected some of my favorites that I think provide the best value.  The On-the-go cleansing tissues are a great entry product to the line.  I love a good towelette, but some can be harsh.  These are incredibly soothing but at the same time can stand up to stubborn mascara and lipstick. Formulated with water-emulsified botanical oils to moisturize; won’t strip skin.  They even have skin care properties and can tone and brighten skin.

Amore Pacific Treatment Cleansing Oil was another highlight.  I am new to the cleansing oil scene, but a big fan already.  You apply it to dry skin, and use damp fingers to dissolve the makeup.  This process also made me do a short self-massage, which is popular in South Korea as part of the skin care ritual. Stimulating blood flow and lymphatic drainage can eliminate puffiness and dull skin.  My skin was always really balanced and not at all oily after cleansing.  It does contain olive and sunflower seed oil – while lightweight and moisturizing, might not be great for oily skin.

For hydration, I liked the Moisture Bound Rejuvenating Collection which is anti-aging, but for all skin types.  After two weeks of using Moisture Bound Rejuvenating Cream, I definitely felt my skin was more radiant.  But the biggest effect was how insanely soft my skin was… my makeup went on better and my complexion was so smooth.  I also tried the Gel formula – I wish all skin care lines provided a refreshing and oil-free formula for those without dry skin.

For my eye cream, I preferred the more intense Time Response line, which attacks aging more aggressively.  The Time Response system uses advanced technology for 24 hours of continuous time-release application of the botanical ingredients.  Stabilized Bamboo Sap is used in lieu of water, increasing product potency.   Amore Pacific Time Response Eye Creme will always have a special place in my heart for making huge strides against my nasty dark circles.  I was able to use it all over my eye for major hydration and it never irritated my skin or eyes.

Overall, this is an outstanding line, with serious ingredients and results to back up the luxury price point.  I was able to meet some of the team at Bergdorfs on FNO, and they couldn’t be nicer.  Always fun to support a company with awesome people.

  1. Moisture Bound Rejuvenating Cream
  2. Time Response Eye Creme
  3. Treatment Cleansing Oil
  4. On-the-go cleansing tissues

La MER ‘The Eye Concentrate’

I’m a lucky girl… my mom shares her La Mer samples with me.  Given the price point of La Mer products, it is hard to recommend them to the public at large… but I just can’t help myself.  Over Thanksgiving, my mom generously donated five samples of La MER ‘The Eye Concentrate’ to me.  I have dark circles – it’s genetic (thanks, dad!).  For the last four days, I have used the concentrate morning and night and I actually think it looks better.  I guess if I had been rubbing hundred dollar bills on my eyes, I would think the same thing.  But hey – who’s against the power of suggestion.  If you come across samples, or are in for a splurge, this is good stuff.