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Wednesday On The Web

Spring with Black on Belle Belle Beauty

A few finds from around the web:

Did you know today is National Puppy Day? Maybe my favorite holiday of all.

Don’t forget about Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty – need an excuse to pick something up? Check out this eyeshadow – it is my new favorite!

Hitha always manages to post messages I need to hear – I loved this reminder that we sometimes just need to say no.

A new signature scent that I’ve lusted for so long finally is in the rotation.

I adore everything from Bella Dahl, a new-to-me designer at Shopbop.

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Vita Liberata Fabulous Self Tanning Gradual

Vita Liberata Fabulous Self Tanning Gradual on Belle Belle Beauty

I decided to take today off from work to be with my two puppies (sidenote: they are almost six years old but will always be my puppies). They had their annual teeth cleaning yesterday – which I know might sound ridiculous to some of you. But my rescues genetically ended up with terrible teeth and gums so we have to go in every year to pull teeth and clean things up. Anyway, the anesthesia makes them super snoozy and they have to be on pain killers. So, yes… I am that crazy dog momma that stayed home with her fur kids today.

I used the day off to extend my “clean-out by using up old products” I mentioned yesterday. Today’s project was in the kitchen. I used some odds and ends to pull together a darn good dinner. And threw out items that were … um … past their prime.

Anyway, the day off also provided me with the chance to try out some new beauty products. I have sadly recognized my summer glow fading so I first reached for some self-tanner. Vita Liberata has always been a favorite brand so I was excited to try out some of their newer products. The Vita Liberata Fabulous Self Tanning Gradual was just what the doctor ordered – gentle, subtle, great smelling and nourishing.

The formula is relatively thin and applies clear – something I prefer for nighttime application. My dry skin soaks up the hydration provided by aloe vera and Hyaluronic Acid. Grape Seed Extract also improves the appearance of skin. The glow can be deepened with repeated use. So far, I haven’t found that sometimes “dirty” look that can sometimes have repeated self-tanner application. But I do suggest a light exfoliation before use. The lack of that annoying self-tanner scent is thanks to Vita Liberata’s Odour Remove™ – I truly cannot detect a fragrance or odor at all. Granted, I am not super sensitive to it, but this is one of the least offensive self-tanners I have tried.

Does not contain triclosan, GMOs, fragrance, or alcohol. Available at Sephora.


Get Piper

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 5.27.03 PM

A little break from Wednesday on the Web today – I’ll be back with more links next week. But I was dying to share my new toy and thought today was a good day to update you guys since this isn’t exactly breaking beauty news. Note: if you are not a crazy dog (or cat) mom like me, read on for hilarity. If you are a crazy dog mom, you have got to hear about this:

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I am admittedly a home body. And my preferred spot is generally on the couch with the pups. But I realize this isn’t possible 24/7 (I like my paycheck and social life!). I still manage to either feel guilty or worry about Izzy and Tink when I am away. And can say I’ve run home just because I have fretted that they are hungry, hot, cold or just plain lonely.


But these days I don’t have to be left in the dark while I am out and about. I’ve had my Piper for a couple weeks and it allows me to creep on my little knuckleheads at any point during the day. When I am at work and need a short break, I pull up the live cam to get tabs on my girls (breaking news: they are usually in their crate asleep).


In addition, I get alerts on my phone if there is  severe weather, a loud noise or motion detected. Invariably, Tink goes to the middle of the living room around 4PM to bark and chase her tail for a couple seconds. So for those who think dogs don’t have a sense of time, I beg to differ.


I can also “speak” to the dogs through my Piper. While I try not to tease them with my voice while I am out, I do like to let them know I am in the elevator about to get to the door when I am on my way home. Their perked up ears and ensuing barks are the highlight of my day.

I have the Piper nv which offers an enhanced HD picture (3.4 mega pixels) and night vision. The Piper Classic has no night vision and a 2 mega pixel camera. You can tell from above, I definitely utilize night vision. And I’ll be glad to have it during the winter when it gets dark early in the evenings. So my vote is to upgrade to the nv. My Piper is white, but it also comes in black (pictured above). It was simple to set up – all you need is a WiFi connection and a smart phone.

And I take solace in making sure the temperature is normal in the apartment and no unwelcome visitors have made their way in. Piper has seriously given me peace of mind – remember I am a crazy dog mom. I enjoy my evenings out more knowing that they girls are snoozing away and not about to breakdown in my absence.

Available at getpiper.com and Amazon.

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Ralph Lauren’s Dog Walk Campaign Benefiting The ASPCA

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 5.54.11 PM

A little break from beauty in honor of my other passion: dogs! Through Friday, in honor of Ralph Lauren’s Dog Walk campaign, 10% of proceeds from selected Dog Walk merchandise goes to the ASPCA and helps promote shelter adoption. The company produced a little fashion show of fall accessories and some pretty sweet shelter dogs. If you know me or follow me on social media, you know I am a complete dog nut. My girls, Tink and Izzy, are my world. So join me and the girls and let’s go shopping!

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