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Shiseido ‘Bio-Performance’ Advanced Super Restoring Cream

Are you into getting the latest and greatest as much as I am? Well, here’s some news… Shiseido ‘Bio-Performance’ Advanced Super Restoring Cream features the brand’s biggest technological advancements to-date and a first in skincare. They are the only cosmetic company using dermal stem cell research (others use epidermal stem cell technology).

This technology fights sagging, loss of resilience and deep wrinkles. The Bio-Renewal Complex is what makes the Cream so effective. Making it easier for dermal stem cells to thrive, fibroblasts are activated and improve skin’s functionality. By targeting cells in the skin’s core layer, skin is lifted and smoothed. Sounds like some pretty impresive science to me!

The Cream is thick and, at first, feels a little greasy. But it quickly absorbs, leaving soft, supple skin. Instantly, my skin looks more even. I am always sold on my beloved hyaluronic acid – it provides a super-charged level of moisture. And Rose Apple Leafe helps protect against UV rays. While the rose scent isn’t my favorite, those of you who do love it, will enjoy the subtle rosy fragrance. I think this Cream would be ideal for those with dry skin and/or recovering from a peel, windburn or aggressive anti-aging ingredients. It is soothing, yet active and packs a hydrating punch.