Winter Dry Skin – A Twitter Chat

Looks like all of North America has dry skin this winter. And my friend, Gabriella, and I had the most refreshing twitter chat with two guys last night who volunteered their skin care routines.

Both Jon and Simon had the best recommendations I’ve heard in a long time. Despite the fact I follow loads of female beauty and skin care bloggers (including me since 2009!), I learned a lot from these dudes. It is no wonder. Simon calls himself a “SNAG”:

My routine has been a humidifier, lotion, Embryolisse Huile De Beaute, a Swiss goat milk bath soak and almond oil after my regular lotion. But it just wasn’t cutting it. I have been flaky, itchy and it just hasn’t been pretty.

These guys had some excellent recommendations. First up was a resounding recommendation for First Honey Manuka Honey Cream for Dry & Itchy Skin. Followed up by a barrier cream from either Cerave or Cetaphil. I ordered Cerave Healing Ointment. I have used this before and forgot how incredibly nourishing it is.

When we got on the topic of dry skin around our eyes, Jon recommended Burt’s Bees Calming Eye Cream (which immediately went into my shopping cart). I love this brand but I haven’t used it in ages – I will be sure to report back on thoughts. The eye area seems to be so susceptible to dryness, so a soothing and calming formula is just what I need.

And then the lovely Courtney joined in (who has ALWAYS had good tips plus best Twitter handle EVER). I have been following Courtney since my early days of blogging and Twitter. Naturally, she had practical and luxe ideas for dry skin and shared her whole routine.

Thanks to Courtney, I also dug out some Dove unscented bar soap I had in my guest room. Forgot how nourishing that was. And also added some Indie Lee products to my Amazon cart. I have used one of their face masks in the past, and excited to try out body care. I ordered the body oil and body scrub.

Last two honorable mentions are my favorite hand cream: Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Hand Cream and Courtney’s favorite budget body lotion: Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion for Very Dry Skin.

I’d love to hear anyone else’s thoughts. On the plus side, we have some rainy snow here today so I am grateful for the humidity.

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